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Cat under the Christmas

Christmas is one of the most beautiful, colorful and festive times of the year. Familys who may not see each other at any other time of the year, gather in the home of their parents or in-laws or siblings. Everyone catches up on the news of the prior year and sits down to a very sumptuous meal. The Christmas tree is beautifully decorated and family and friends gather 'round to sing carols and just enjoy the presence of each other. 

Santa's on the Prowl

ORIGINS OF SANTA • The original Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, was born in the ancient southeastern Turkish town of Lycia early in the fourth century. His generosity was legend, and he was particularly fond of children. We know this primarily through Roman accounts of his patronage of youth, which eventually led to his becoming the patron saint of children. Throughout the Middle Ages, and well beyond, he was referred to by many names none of them Santa Claus. 


Peace Around the World

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