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Friends With a Story
...and Sandie Uncovered

My CA friends. Whatever happened to all of us?

In order from top left are: Allan, Patty, Jasper, Roz, Bob, and Judy. We had more darn fun over the years. We also helped each other over the various "crises" that arose, whatever they were. I truly love these people. If our company hadn't decided to escape from the taxes of California (I presume) and possibly some union contracts, we would all still be close instead of having to scatter.

Some of the best times I have ever had was with these people. The first time I partied with them was when Bob Dey had an academy awards party. In CA, we get a TV feed that many other areas don't get. This feed starts about an hour before the awards ceremony when all the stars are entering the building via the red carpet. Entertainment reporters scramble to interview all the glitterati and we would sit around the TV verbally shredding all the stars and their tacky outfits. You know how women can be...and catty is the first word that comes to mind. But we had fun because those outfits are so outlandish. All that money and no taste.

Bob is noted for his Kentucky Derby parties. They started to get so big that one time Tim Conway begged to attend and add to the tomfoolery. I don't knowSandie and Bob cutting up at one of his Derby extravaganzas. if Bob still has the Derby party, but he does have his annual "Dey at the Races" at Santa Anita. For those who know me, that was back in the days when my hair was platinum blonde. Woo hoo! We both did things to the extreme then. Everything was too much and too often. If I think back to things that Bob told me over the years, we both could haven written the book "I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can". A real whirling dervish type existence. I miss all those times. The really sad part is that we all have moved on to a different place in our lives and none of those times can ever again be recaptured. Thank heavens for memories.

Sandie with a very friendly catI sure hope he remains friendly.Sniffing posies.Want a sip of wine?

Now what can I say about the above pictures? They were a Valentine's Day gift for my husband. Given the amount of modesty I have, my husband was pretty pleased I bared as much skin as I did. Now, these pictures serve as a reminder of how I used to look.