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Sandie's Roots

Sandie and her mom, Jane

My mother was Jane Baumer Schwarz Hammerstone Frederick Gore Azzalina. It's a good thing she never knew about the hyphenation of names that many women now like to do. I was born on June 27, in Allentown, PA. My early years were pretty uneventful except for our constant changing of residences and the time I went to Europe. Well, I didn't really. You see, I was about three or four when this happened and I remember it as clearly as if happened only yesterday. I think most parents have experiences with their young children waking up early and having adventures long before an adult is aware of what is happening. My adventure began early one morning as I awakened and decided to visit my little girlfriend down the street. Off I went in my cotton panties and wearing a pair of my mother's high heel shoes. I don't know how long I was out of the house before my mother woke and noticed I was missing but she found me. She came charging into my girlfriend's backyard where we were sitting in a rowboat. When my very angry mother asked what I was doing I replied, "We are rowing to Europe." She already wasn't happy when I came up missing, but when she saw I had on her good high heels, well, let's say that I would have had to stand up in the boat if we ever did row to Europe. Ouch.

Sandie and her dad, Henry

This is the earliest photo I have of my dad, Henry Joseph Frederick Cohen. I don't know very much about my dad because there are big chunks of "absence" of him in my life. I know he was born on April 8, 1917. I don't know where he was born, nor do I know anything about his father. His mother, Nellie, was a very strong influence in my young life and I credit her with my love for many of the old musical classics. More about her further down. After my parents divorced (twice), my dad made what seemed like obligatory annual visits on my birthday. He would show up, take me out to eat, lay down rules of what I wasn't supposed to do, and then disappear for another year. He did come to my graduation. Not long after, he and my step-mother invited me to live with them. There I was, 18-years-old and sitting on a Greyhound bus for an eight-hour trip to the western end of PA. Unfortunately, that lasted for only one week because of a huge difference in personalities. So, back on the Greyhound bus for an eight-hour trip back to the eastern end of PA. We didn't hook up again till my then-fiancé and I went to visit them in February of 1970. What an amazing visit that turned out to be. We learned that we actually liked each other. It took me until I was 28-years-old to appreciate my dad and have fun with him. I'm so glad we made peace and enjoyed each other because he died in September of 1970. He was only 53-years-old.

- Sandie Mountain, one-half of Saromo.

The above is an abbreviated biography of my history. I did this in an attempt at locating anyone who might be part of my family tree. Right now, though, it looks pretty sparse...too many twigs missing. Saromo.

More Photos of Known Branches

I have scanned whatever pictures I have. Some were clipped by my mother from a newspaper. Position the cursor of each picture for a brief description. If you are just "surfing through here" and you recognize any photos or names, please contact me.

My Dad circa 1944 Nanny Steckel who I believe to be my paternal great-grandmother Nellie Harkin is my paternal grandmother

My maternal great-uncle, John Schwarz, was chief of police where I grew up. He was some type of roadblock expert wrote a book on how to set up successful roadblocks. Here, he is presenting it to J. Edgar Hoover. This is Dr. Richard Schwarz. I've been told he is my maternal second cousin Dr. Paul Schwarz is my maternal grandfather This is my maternal great-grandfather, George Baumer. This is my maternal great-grandmother, Senia Beneville Butz Baumer.

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