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It is with great sadness that I post here that I lost the love of my life to liver cancer on June 9, 2004. Mike and I had been married since October 8, 1991. We were a couple for 15 years and would have celebrated 13 married years. We had a great marriage and for that I was grateful. It's the strength of our marriage that had helped us get over all the hurdles that popped up along the way. The events in our life had us scrambling to the computer to get all the information we could find. Many of these sites are found below. We hope the information is as helpful to you as it has been to us. 

Our Snowy Utah Home

We "were" very excited when we moved to our home in Utah in the summer of 2001. We had waited 10 long years to get over there. We lived in Southern California and, sadly, this "golden state" lost it's charm for us. Blame the traffic and pollution. We know we're going to have a lot of snow to shovel since they get 200+ inches a year. However, we became quickly disillusioned with Utah and bought a beautiful new home in Las Vegas. 

View From Our Living Room

Mike was born in Ashtabula, OH, and I was born in Allentown, PA. Events in our lives have provided us the opportunity to crisscross this great country many times, both as a couple and individually. We were thrilled to be relocating to a place that has cold, crisp air to breathe and that you can't see. We were even more excited to move to Las Vegas in a brand new home where the people are infinitely more friendly.  


Mike served his country in the U.S. Army and is a proud member of the 82nd Airborne. He was one of the many young men sent to Vietnam in the late 1960s. He also was one of the lucky ones to return home a year later. Lucky in that he could come home; unlucky in that being in Vietnam took its toll in many ways on him and others. We have included some URLs that give information to anyone who may be interested in this small but very important piece of history.  

An Alzheimers Site
Another Alzheimers Site
And Another Alzheimers Site
Caregivers Help
Animal Humane Society
Visit Flaming Text for Great Fonts

Some Friends; Some of Me (woo hoo!)
Vietnam Tales
My Family Tree (known members)
Cat Fancy Magazine
Endangered Species
Animal Adoption
Veterans' Information
82nd Airborne
Runaway Children
Children's Miracle Network
Child Adoption Services
Search for Veterans


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